Over 50 years of exceptional service to Manitoba's mining industry and progressive safety excellence

Safety is essential. People are priority

The Manitoba mining industry sustainability requirements dictate a need for change.

In November 2013, a strategic planning discussion took place between MAMI board members and rePlan, a consulting company, hired to develop a five year plan for the associations.

Nearly a year later, at an October 2014 MAMI meeting, a transitional organization structure was confirmed: MAPAM will integrate into the MAMI on July 1, 2015.

This change means, going forward, there will be a single Board of Directors supported by a shared staff team. In addition, the creation and implementation of both a Safety Committee and a Mine Rescue Committee will be accountable for the continued level of service that MAPAM has provided as well as the continuation of the Mine Rescue program as we know it today.

The new integrated board will encourage increased internal communication between members and committees and external communication with stakeholders. It will provide the ability to leverage the expertise, reputation, resources, and relationships of the others when pursuing broader strategic goals to achieve positive outcomes for members.

It also offers an opportunity for members to help design and develop a new brand for Mine Safety in Manitoba.

Throughout its years in business as a safety association serving the members of the mining industry, the focus of MAPAM has not wavered from its original mandate.

High on the priority list is its service to the member companies. Training is still a key component although not as prevalent as it was in the past. WCB was, and still is, a major focus. Interaction and liaison with government and other interest groups continues to be an important contributor of MAPAM. Mine rescue and emergency response preparedness is of primary significance to the industry and finally, state of the art accident prevention and risk mitigation is fundamental to the work of MAPAM and the mining industry.

Although its name may change and it will be under a new umbrella, MAPAM has, and will continue to provide a quality service association that enhances and safeguards the mining industry's business activities.

What we have done

  • Provided strategic direction to assist the Manitoba Mining Industry achieve a 0.43 LTA frequency rate in 2012 which is the lowest it has been since recording injury statistics
  • Instrumental in reducing the number of fatalities in the mining sector to one in the last 12 years. This represents over 95 million exposure hours
  • Coordinated the establishment of emergency planning, preparedness and response protocols for the Manitoba mining industry which continues to be among the best in the world. The Manitoba model is often referenced by other companies and jurisdictions that are evaluating or establishing emergency preparedness and response plans. It is significant to note that this responsibility has quasi regulatory authority and if relinquished will revert back to government control
  • Co-operated with the Manitoba Workers Compensation Board and Workplace Safety Division to identify and implement state-of-the-art, prevention and return to work strategies. These relationships have been integral to lower compensation assessment rates and establish reasonable and practical safety and health legislation
  • Shared "lessons learned" and safety and risk management information among all member companies. This information is often derived from discussions held by mine operators, contractors and diamond driller safety groups
  • Produced an annual report that captures the Associations activities for each year dating back to 1962 as well as maintaining a record of board minutes dating back to MAPAM's inception