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2021 Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition Cancelled

August 26, 2021

MAMI's Mine Rescue Organization (MRO) - the committee that administers mine rescue competition in Manitoba - announced today that the 2021 Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition would be cancelled. The competition was previously scheduled for Sept 8 - 16 in an adapted format that would see judges travelling to four different mine sites, rather than the standard format where all teams travel to one central competition site. Due to the ongoing challenges presented by Covid-19 however, mine rescue teams and organizers faced many obstacles that proved difficult to overcome.

"Many of Manitoba's mines are currently in the re-opening or ramping up stages. As well, local communities have had travel restrictions, fire bans and faced material shortages that have made preparing four separate locations for a multi-site competition extremely challenging from both a cost-control and organizing perspective," said MRO Co-Chair and MAMI President Richard Trudeau. "In a typical year, Manitoba's teams also travel to other competitions across Canada, so for the past 18 months we have been working to keep team members in a state of readiness, while also balancing provincial and corporate health restrictions," Trudeau explained.

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Despite cancelling this year's competition, Manitoba's mine rescue teams will continue to train, practice and prepare for future competitions, which are a regulatory requirement for mine operation in the province. MAMI will continue to post announcements on mine rescue events and activities, including the Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition, which is expected to resume in spring of 2022.

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Deanna Johnson
Mine Rescue Coordinator


John Morris
Co-Director, Mining Association of Manitoba


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