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2019 Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition Champions announced

May 28, 2019

Photo Credit: Brandy Bloxom Photography

Flin Flon, Manitoba - Hudbay Flin Flon rose to the challenge to win the 58th Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition held May 24-25, 2019.

Congratulations to Team Flin Flon members Captain Mike Desjarlais, #2 Jarrod Ritch, #3 Mike Bassham, #4 Rob Johnson, Vice-Captain David Green, Director of Operations Phil Cardell, Technician Kelly Willets, Coach Tracy Knutson and Instructor Marshall Manns were presented their trophies on Saturday, May 25, 2019 at the Awards Banquet. Team Hudbay Snow Lake finished at a close second place

Other Awards presented were the Firefighting award won by Hudbay Flin Flon, First Aid award won by Hudbay Flin Flon and the Written Exam award was won again by Tantalum Mining Corporation (Tanco).

For the second year in a row, the Technician's award went to Rob Chuipka, Technician for the Vale team. This award is given to the technician who demonstrates the highest level of proficiency in preparing the BG 4 breathing apparatus for use in emergency situations.

This two-day annual event challenges competitors in several areas. Day one saw teams from Hudbay Flin Flon, Hudbay Snow Lake, Tanco and Vale compete in an underground and first aid mine rescue mission and tackle a written exam. The morning of day two focused on firefighting tests and the Technician's competition, the afternoon was spent on practical skills competitions of a Truck Pull, Oxygen Bottle Ring Toss, Stretcher Relay, Firefighter Obstacle Course and the Jaws of Life Jenga.

The winners of the provincial competition are eligible to compete in the bi-annual National Western Region Mine Rescue Competition and will join the winning team from 2018 - Hudbay Snow Lake. The National Western Region Mine Rescue Competition will be held in Fernie, BC on September 6 & 7, 2019.

The 2020 Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition will be hosted by Vale, on May 22-23 in Thompson, Manitoba.

For further information, please contact:

Deanna Johnson, Office and Communications Coordinator
The Mining Association of Manitoba Inc.
700-305 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3J7
Office: 204-989-1890
Cell: 204-226-9463

2019 Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition Winners list:

2019 Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition Champions

Hudbay Flin Flon

Captain, Mike Desjarlais
#2 position, Jarrod Ritch
#3 position, Mike Bassham
#4 position, Rob Johnson
Vice-Captain, David Green
Director of Operations, Phil Cardell
Technician, Kelly Willets
Coach, Tracy Knutson
Instructor, Marshall Manns

2019 Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition Runners Up

Hudbay Snow Lake

Captain, Aldon Kowalchuk
#2 position, Tyler Irving
#3 position, Jordan Riley
#4 position, Travis Fedak
Vice-Captain & Technician, Bernard Fourie
Director of Operations, Jon Young
Spare, Marlin Bonyai
Coach, Terry Hornyak
Instructor, Dallas Henrikson

2019 First Aid Competition Champions

Hudbay Flin Flon

2019 Firefighting Competition Champions

Hudbay Flin Flon

2019 Written Exam Competition Champions

Tantalum Mining

Captain, Kevin Boulet
#2 position, Chris Wazny
#3 position, Healther Stone
#4 position, Ryan Karklin
Vice-Captain, James Spiers
Director of Operations, Scott Rankmore
Technician, Greg Bellin
Coach, Simon Nolan
Instructor, Craig Kulbaba

2019 Garnet Coulson Memorial Trophy - Technician's Competition Champion


Rob Chuipka

Practical Skills Competitions:

Overall Practical Skills Champions - Red Team (timed events)

Captain, Mike Desjarlais, Hudbay FF; #2 position, Justin Lefebvre, Vale; #3 position, Jordan Riley, Hudbay SL; #4 position, Ryan Karklin, Tanco; Vice-Captain, James Spiers, Tanco; Technician, Marlin Bonyai, Hudbay SL; and Director of Operations, James Buchanan, Vale.

Jaws of Life Jenga - Blue Team

Captain, Aldon Kowalchuk, Hudbay SL; #2 position, Jarrod Ritch, Hudbay FF; #3 position, Heather Stone, Tanco; #4 position, Tom Flett, Vale; Vice-Captain, Joe Catarino, Vale; Technician, Kelly Willets, Hudbay FF; and Director of Operations, Scott Rankmore, Tanco.


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