MAMI Sub-Committees

MAMI Sub-Committees

Indigenous Relations/Exploration Committee

Supports the Mining Association of Manitoba Inc. in further developing a positive business relationship between the mining industry and Indigenous peoples. The exploration side shares information on mineral exploration good practices, parks and protected areas, geology programs and land management issues.

Taxation Committee

Provides advice and support to MAMI and its members around exploration and mineral development tax challenges.

Environment Committee

Sustainability, environmental legislation and regulations and environmental assessments are the main focus of the Environment Committee.


The Safety Committee was previously the Mines Accident Prevention Association of Manitoba (MAPAM) Board of Directors and is comprised of safety professionals with interest in the Province of Manitoba. It reports directly to the MAMI Board of Directors.

Mine Rescue

The Manitoba Mine Rescue Organization is comprised of qualified mine rescue instructors in the province of Manitoba. It reports directly to the Safety Committee and provides overall governance of the Manitoba Mine Rescue Program.